Reduce Hiring Errors, Predict Attrition and Identify Training Needs of your Company!

Use Online Psychometric Assessments and Talent Analytics to Measure Personality, Motivators, Attitude & Ego of your workforce!

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Get the accuracy of top industrial psychologists and HR behavioural specialists

  • Hire right culture fit
  • Identify Training Requirements
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What Differentiates Us?
Customized Assessments

Customize assessments to every job role and competency. No force fitting!

Jombay  Customized Assessments

Simple language. No jargons! Intuitive reports. No need of an interpretor or psychologist!

Jombay Simplicity
Jombay Simplicity
Integrated Talent Analytics

Actionable insights into Benchmarking of Talent, Training Needs Identifications, Attrition Analysis!

Jombay Integrated Talent Analytics
Jombay Scientifically Validated Assessments
Scientifically Validated

Built on globally proven theories. Profiled more than 1 million professionals!

How it Works
Enter Details of the Job Role to be Assessed
Choose Behavioral Traits You Want to Measure
Add Assessment Taker’s Details
Jombay Emails Assessment Link to Candidate
Assessment Taker Answers Assessment; Report Generated
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