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Benefits of using Jombay
  • Hire the right culture fit
  • Know what differentiates top performers
  • Identify the top training requirements
  • Predict Attrition Trends
  • Find out leadership potential
  • Benchmark your Talent to the Industry

Jombay has profiled more than 1 million Professionals to establish highest standards of Reliability & Validity

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Team Includes Behavioral Scientists and Analytics experts from USC and Stanford University
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What differentiates Jombay?
  • Unique Assessment customized for every role; no force-fitting

    One size doesn't fit all - Behavioral requirements of a Sales Job are different from an Operations or a Customer Support Job. One shouldn't force-fit the same off-the-shelf assessment to all. We have unique assessment for every job role, competencies, values in your company.

  • Assessments integrated with analytics; giving actionable insights into the business

    Jombay’s talent analytics are tighty integrated with the assessments - helping companies benchmark star potential, predict attrition trends, and identify training needs, thus helping decision makers derive actionable insights at a macro level.

  • Simple and relevant content; no jargons

    Applicability & Accuracy of Behavioral Assessments depends on the ease-of-understanding & relevance of the assessment content. Jombay is built keeping in mind a wide variety of audience including the ones who have an average understanding of English.

  • Clear, concise & intuitive reports; no need of interpretations

    Jombay's Assessment reports are highly intuitive and easy to understand. Your line managers or business managers can understand these reports without the need of undergoing training or certifications. This allows for a faster business buy-in.

  • Based on globally proven theories; measures comprehensive behavioral profile

    Jombay has leveraged globally proven psychometric theories such as Cattell's theory of surface traits, Big 5, Goleman's theory on EQ, McClelland's needs theory among others to build an instrument that measures not just personality but also motivations, attitude, emotional intelligence, and organizational skills.

  • Scientifically validated tool; used technology to compress time required for validity & reliability studies

    Our assessments have conformed to the highest standards of reliability and validity. Using online media & technology, we have managed to profile more than a million professionals in the past 3 years - exponentially faster than what an offline medium allows.

  • Local Language Support

    Jombay is also introducing psychometric assessments in multiple local languages. This will allow companies to use the assessments even for front-line executives and assembly-line workers.

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